DIY tips

So I have always been interested in beauty, makeup, fashion, the whole shebang.  I like to browse around to see what others have tried, and then try it myself.

However, I do my research very well because I don’t want it to backfire on me, or buy something expensive that I will not use.  So far, I have been trying out DIY stuff.

The first one, although not considered beauty, is part of cleaning the house. I read online somewhere to do 1 part white vinegar and 1 part blue dawn soap.  I tried it with a different type of soap and I didn’t really see much of a difference. Could have been that I didn’t do it in exact equal parts. Anyways, I bough dawn and tried it, and it cleans the shower really well. My only complaint is the smell seems to stay around for a bit.

Moving on, I have read online that coconut oil is good for your skin, hair and health. At first I didn’t realize that coconut oil comes in a jar in hard form, not actual oil substance at first. Anyways, I forgot to read the label before I read it and I bought the refined LouAna coconut oil. I tried it first the other day, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. Maybe I’ll try it a couple more times before I switch to unrefined coconut oil which apparently does smell unlike the refined one. I read about LouAna after I had opened it (oops) and realized it wasn’t the right one. A few people seemed to not like it, but there were more that did like it. I also use it as eye make up remover and I love how it cleans it off easily and really well!

1 part apple cider vinegar, 1 part water as a toner for your face.  I already read about this online. (Most of these I have read somewhere but I usually don’t save the site so I can’t remember where exactly.) This one of the sites I read it on:  I have been using this for 2 days now and like it. I will continue to use it for another couple of weeks to see more results. I tend to have some light oily skin and have read elsewhere that this ACV toner helps with reducing that because it balances your PH level. So I’m hoping it will help it out, even though I don’t have it bad. A lot of people recommend the BRAGG brand. (If your skin is more sensitive, put more water than ACV to start out with! Others have used it as a hair rinse. I will have to read more on that and see what it does 🙂

Well, that’s it for today. These are just a few of the “organic” tips that I have started to use and will see what results I will get  over the next couple months/weeks.



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